Newmont's Desi Arnez
SYP High Definition GCH
HVK Vibrance Noble Flaire
HVK Radiant
Kim’s Bellegante BHOF HVK Bell Flaire
Napaley’s Obssession
Newmont’s Lucille Ball Minion Millennium Minion Valentino
Pompp And Pazazz BHOF
RKB Sizzle Marno’s FireOnComand
Wait And See


2021 Bay Colt | SOLD | Foaled on January 25th, this bouncy boy is brave and independent and is trimmed beautifully with a pair of rear socks and a wide blaze on his face. He is the first foal out of our homebred Lucy, who has replaced her dam in our select group of producers. We’re very pleased with her first effort!