Newmont's Crying The Blues

2023 Bay Colt | FOR SALE | This fabulous colt had us waiting on pins and needles for days for his arrival, but he is definitely worth waiting for! Plenty of leg, upheaded, beautifully marked and a gorgeous head are just the start our favorite things about him.

Leonardo's Cry CH

SLB Da Vinci

HVK Bell Flaire

Dancity Gracious Remark, BHOF

HVK Ancient Cry, BHOF

HVK Make 'Em Cry

Nobelle, BHOF

Newmont's Lucille Ball

Minion Millennium

Minion Valentino

Pompp And Pazazz, BHOF

RKB Sizzle

Marno's FireOnComand

Wait And See

Newmont's Crying The Blues