Newmont Farm MorgansHome of one of Vermont’s most precious treasures…

Newmont Farm is located in the Connecticut River Valley of Vermont, with beautiful views of the Green Mountains and open meadows of the river valley. The Gladstone Family has made this their home for over 27 years and we have enjoyed breeding Morgans for most of the last decade.

Less than three hours from Boston or Springfield, only two hours from Northampton, we are in the heart of the Morgan mecca in the United States and a visit to Newmont Farm is an excursion not to be missed.

 Newmont Farm may be a relative newcomer to the Morgan breeding game, but we know all about the importance of the bottom line on a pedigree. That’s why, when we began this venture into breeding for our ideal vision of America’s oldest and most historically significant breed of horse, we were careful to choose mares that would bring breed type, quality and athletic ability to the table.

Although we produce just four to six foals each year, we have quickly become recognized as producers of high quality show and breeding prospects. Our ultimate goal is to produce Morgans with recognizable breed type and personality that can excel in many arenas—from in hand to park, pleasure, western or hunter, saddle or harness.

The focus starts with the strengths of the mare. We then diligently pair her with a stallion that will bring his own strengths to the table to complement both physically and on paper. We always keep the integrity of the breed as a top priority.

We hope you find our result to warrant a visit to the farm to inspect our stock in person. Feel free to contact Walt and Margaret and set up a time to view the horses.

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